Oil Pulling: The What, The Why

Last week, we were lucky enough to have a chat with Holistic Dentist and Health Coach Dr Lewis Ehrlich (@doctor.lewis)Β in regards to the latest craze in the health sphere: Oil-Pulling.


Too Tasty to Throw Turmeric #forgottenfruitandvegseries

We have had an interesting few weeks, amidst ‘Too Tasty To Throw’ app development as we finalise the product, the triplets and our family are just coming off two weeks of gastro and one week of another virus. So, our mission has been to build our immune system to stave off further illness (at least…

National Pain Week – Food as Medicine

Article by Megan from Too Tasty to Throw. Given this week is National Pain Week for Chronic Pain and other illnesses, we thought it would be a good opportunity to show some love to those of you suffering chronic pain and have a look at how using the ‘whole’ of your fruit and vegetables to…