Here you’ll find a selection of some of our Favourite Whole Food Recipes created by aboutlife & some of our favourite foodies, bloggers, chefs, speakers & wellness advocates.



Apple Cider Vinegar Shot (raw, vg, wg, wd, p)
Berry Sparkling Acai Punch/Sangria (v, wd, wg, a)
Coconut Yoghurt & Berry Smoothie (v, wd, wg, p)
Coconut Chia & Mango Daiquiri (v, wg, wd, a)
Green Pina Colada Mocktail by The Whole Food Dude (raw, v, wg, wd, p)
Salted Caramel Smoothie by My Wholefood Romance (v, wg, wd, p)
Xmas Cranberry & Aloe Cooler Cocktail (v, wg, wd, a)



Anti Inflammatory Turmeric Cauliflower Soup by Vladia Cobrdova  (vg, wg)
Edible Spring Garden Brekkie Bowl by Vladia Cobrdova (vg, wd,)
Green & Black Hummus by Vladia Cobrdova (v, wg)
Healthy Vegetable Bread Recipe by Jessica Sepel (p, wg, wd, vg)
Immune Boosting Bone Broth Recipe by Vladia Cobrdova (p, wg, wd)
Slow Cooked Chai Beef Cheeks with Horseradish Cauliflower Mash by Vladia Cobrdova (wg)
Smokey Chick Pops by Vladia Cobrdova (v, wg)
Thyroid Boosting Salad Recipe by Jessica Sepel (v, wg, wd, p)



Chocolate mousse and raspberry cake by Livelee Food (raw, vg, wd, wg)
Almond & Berry Chia Pudding by Livelee Food (raw, wg, wd, p)
Makova Torta filled with Raw Cacao Ganache and Cherries by Vladia Cobrdova (v, wg)
Nourishing Antioxidant Fudge by My Wholefood Romance (vg, wd, wg)
Paleo Coconut Ice by The Merrymaker Sisters (vg, wd, wg, p)
Raw Carrot Cake with Cashew Cream by The Fit Foodie (raw, v, vo, wd, wg)
Raw Chocolate Caramel Bark by Claire’s Holistic Pursuits (raw, wg, wd, p)
Raw Watermelon Cake by Vladia Cobrdova (raw, vg, wg, p)
Salted Macadamia Lime Cake by Vladia Cobrdova (wd, wg, vo)
Tangy Lemon Tart Recipe by My Wholefood Romance (v, wd)
Vegan Paleo Rum Balls by Christie Fischer Nutrition (raw, vg, wd, wg, p, a)

V = Vegetarian| VG = Vegan| P = Paleo | WG= Without Gluten | WD = Without Dairy | RAW = Raw | VO = Vegan Option | A = Contains Alcohol


6 thoughts on “WHOLEFOOD RECIPES

  1. Cindy Dueck says:

    I just got back to the US after a wonderful vacation in Australia. I really enjoyed the muffins in your cafe, especially the blueberry and the raspberry coconut. Will you share the recipes?
    Thank you!

    • About Life says:

      Hi Cindy, glad to hear you enjoyed your time in Australia. Thanks for your suggestion – we have been in touch with the Food Services team to hopefully grab the recipe and post it soon 🙂

  2. Doreena says:

    Oh yes your muffins are incredible. I had the one with strawberry compote and it was really yummy. Would love to have the recipes.

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