How to Eat Organic on a Budget


Many of us know the reasons why we should eat organic but we don’t always know how to do this on a budget. At aboutlife one of our primary goals is to provide healthy, nutritious and organic food at reasonable prices so anybody, on any budget, can choose to preserve their health and the health of the environment whilst supporting their local farming community.

The first way to do this is by eating your fruit and vegetables seasonally. This is often better for us as the nutrients are more accessible plus it tastes better when eaten within the seasons too. We source all our produce from local, chemical free and organic farms and because of this you won’t always find absolutely everything you might find in the big supermarkets – tomatoes in July anyone? You may also notice our prices fluctuate – often from week to week. We can guarantee our produce department is busy every day locating the best prices on all our fruit and veg and you can keep up to date with these by following us on Facebook.

If you do need to be selective though on which fruit and vegetables are best bought organic check out the dirty dozen and clean fifteen, below are the dirty dozen and these record the highest level of pesticide residue so are best bought organic.

The Dirty Dozen:

We also want to help keep your pantry stocked with high quality organic staples. Our Organic Good Stuff For Less Range does just this with 150 items we regularly price check so we can guarantee these are the best prices on organic pantry staples in Sydney!


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