In Ayurvedic medicine it is believed that numerous health issues in the body can be traced back to the digestive system and many of today’s natural health practitioners often agree with this. Sensitivities we have to certain foods – such as gluten, dairy and sugar – can cause an inflammatory response in the gut and over time this can increase gut permeability. The build-up of intestinal parasites produces toxins which, together with proteins from these inflammatory causing foods, can then enter the nervous system through the gut giving rise to the connection between our diets and many of the health issues we may experience. Added to this the high level of chemicals found in today’s factory produced foods, and chemically sprayed fruit and vegetables, it is easy to understand the clinical research linking food choices to auto-immune conditions and neurological disorders.

Here at aboutlife HQ we’re big fans of wholefoods and natural alternatives to these inflammatory causing foods. When you shop with us it’s easier for you to maintain a balanced diet whilst keeping your body, and mind, healthy and vital. By regularly choosing foods which do not cause an inflammatory response, and preferably alkalinise the body you are protecting your gut health and also creating the best environment for your body to fight carcinogens and illnesses. We also have a range of natural wholefood supplements which can help maintain the integrity of your gut flora – speak to one of our Wellness Experts for recommendations on which supplements might be best for your needs.

In our modern day lives we are continually exposed to a variety of chemicals and toxins, plus foods which are detrimental to our health, and by limiting exposure to these in our food and lifestyle choices is one of the best preventative measures we can take to maintain our health for life.



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