DETOXING: Why we should do it, how we should do it and the benefits.

 The build-up of toxins as a result of the unhealthy choices is part of the reason we feel sluggish, moody and bloated! We know that too much sugar causes weight gain and too much salt causes bloating. There are so many detoxes being advertised with promises to make you lose some serious kgs in 2 weeks, rejuvenate your skin, make you feel so light you could FLY! It’s all just too much! The key consideration with any
detox should be that you are still regularly consuming something, preferably clean wholefoods (this is where aboutlife comes in)


To get the best from a detox, make sure it’s full of nutritious energising fruit and vegetable juices, clean broths and whole foods. Exclude alcohol, caffeine, processed foods and sugars. This will ensure your detox organs (liver, kidneys, lungs and colon) are being nourished and all those nasty toxins are being flushed away.

At the beginning of the detox you may experience headaches, slight tummy discomfort and sugar cravings, but in the end if your detox was successful this is what you can expect:

· Clearer skin
· Better digestion with less bloating
· Better circulation
· Improved concentration
· Better sleep quality
· Regular bowel movements
· Lots of energy
· Reduced stress
· Better Sex Drive

Happy detoxing everyone and make sure you take some of what you have learned and make it part of your lifestyle!



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