5 Tips to get you through your detox


Do you feel like your body needs a break after the everlasting silly season? We are here to help!

Our Annual Community Detox is here and participation is FREE. It runs for 7 days from the 5th Feb 2018. You can find out more on our website and sign up in store.

We recently spoke about the whys, the hows and the benefits of detoxing (you can read that here).

If you’ve detoxed before you may have noticed within the first few days you can experience headaches, sugar cravings and a lack of energy. These are all normal responses. You’ve given your body a break it finally has a chance flush out excess toxins. These symptoms are just signs your body is getting rid, so good job!

Even though we know this, it doesn’t always feel great when we first start detoxing. So here are 5 tips to get you through it with a smile on your face.

1. Prioritise some ‘me’ time.

This is the perfect reason to schedule in some rest and relaxation. You will possibly feel a little tired so don’t be too hard on yourself. Help yourself through the process by slowing down. Whether it’s a quiet cup of herbal tea, a yoga class or an early night, you’re body will thank you the extra love.

2. Set an intention.

What do you want to get out of this detox? An intention is a little different to a goal. Rather than focusing on a fixed outcome of a goal, an intention guides us with more clarity on how we want to feel and act throughout the process.

Some examples might be getting more sleep or remembering to pause. This can give you more focus and keep you on track. Check out our detox wall of intentions in store for more inspiration.

3. Get a friend involved.

When you detox with a friend you are far more likely to stay committed, motivated and succeed! You can cheer each other on and keep each other accountable – all while going through the same thing.

4. Remember to hydrate.

By focusing on fresh whole foods and ditching the processed stuff your body has a chance to off load a lot of toxins and nasties. The best thing you can do to help this process along smoothly is to drink lots of water. Clean filtered water is your best friend! It’s essential during your detox so drink up. 3 litres per day is ideal. You can also include fresh coconut water and freshly squeezed juices found in our cafes.

5. Use the crowding out approach.

As soon as we focus on what we can’t have we immediately want it! So to keep your sanity focus on what you can have. Crowd out the things you’re cutting out with fresh organic vegetables and fruit, legumes, egg and fish, nuts, seeds and wholegrains.

Good luck detoxers! You’re going to feel amazing.


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