Lo Bros Kombucha: The What, the How


Pronounced KOM — BOOCH — AH 

We’re sure you have seen and heard this funky looking word around the wellness space. Many amazing brands popping up here and there with the latest and greatest Kombucha flavours. However, how many of us truly know what Kombucha is? Whilst it tastes great and has a multitude of health benefits, it’s important we understand what we are putting into our bodies and how it affects us in long term. After all, its actually alive…

We caught up with the brothers behind Lo Bros to find out a bit more about them, their story, and their marvelous BOOCH that we are so lucky to have on our About Life shelf!


So lets start off by finding out what exactly is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a sparkling probiotic tea, fermented for a fixed period of time to produce a slightly sweet and sour fizzy tonic. Lobros Organic Kombucha is a living drink that’s both delicious and detoxifying.

Yep, you heard that right. The beverage is alive. Think of it like this: kombucha is to tea as yogurt is to milk. It’s a cultured beverage made from a living blend of healthy bacteria and beneficial yeast called a SCOBY, which stands for Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast. This floppy, rubbery disk is also called the ‘mother’.

Multitudes of tiny but powerful probiotics live in each 330mL bottle of Lobros Kombucha, ready to move into your digestive tract, helping to keep your tummy clean and boost your immune system by promoting the health of your gut.

And how is your Kombucha made?

Traditional fermentation has been adapted & modified over time to become a proprietary methodology during which boutique batches are fermented over a 3 – 4 week period. The temperature is carefully monitored and oxygen levels checked regularly.

Once the booch is deemed ready, our unique filtration process removes much of the yeast & sediment which is responsible for the “funky” taste often associated with other kombuchas, yet leaves behind the beneficial probiotics – phew!

But sometimes when we read the sugar content of other Kombucha brands, the sugar content looks extremely off-putting… Do you guys add extra sugar to yours? 

Lo Bros Kombucha comprises a blend of Australian grown & certified organic oolong & green teas, sweetened with raw cane sugar and our very own SCOBY, all steeped in natural spring water captured at its source in Daylesford, Victoria.

Lo Bros unique & wonderfully complex depth of flavour is developed over the 3-4 week fermentation period discussed above. Through careful management of the types of organic acids created, we reduce the sugar content.

All in all, our booch is naturally low in sugar by its own evolution – the sugars provide the ideal environment to sustain the probiotic population – too low and the probiotics (& their benefits) disappear.


“Think of it like this: kombucha is to tea as yogurt is to milk.”

Rumour has it, Kombucha is ideal for gut health. Is this true? If so, how and why?

As mentioned above, think of our Lo Bros Kombucha like this: kombucha is to tea as yogurt is to milk. It’s a cultured beverage made from a living blend of healthy bacteria and beneficial yeast called a SCOBY, which stands for Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast.

With over 100 million live microorganisms per bottle (wow!), Lo Bros delivers a substantial probiotic benefit to consumers. This helps them to restore balance in the digestive tract, whilst also quenching thirst.

…Obviously ain’t a rumour then! Sounding like Lo Bros Kombucha is loaded with health benefits…?

Certified organic, vegan, and with no artificial ingredients, Lo Bros Kombucha is a viable alternative for the growing number of consumers no longer purchasing sweetened beverages.

Unlike tap water, it is free of any added chemicals and possesses only naturally occurring essential minerals lauded for their health benefits.

And don’t worry – it tastes amazing too. Just like our consumers, we’ve strived for balance in our approach to creating the ideal Kombucha:

  • Too little to no sugar starves the environment of the energy probiotics need to remain viable, and it also requires a compromise on taste
  • An inordinately high probiotic count requires a more sugar laden environment and results in the traditional “funky” taste, limiting mass appeal

With over 100 million live microorganisms per bottle (wow!)

Our booch balance (after years of hard word and discovery) has proven to be the most palatable in both children and adults in blind tastings – YUM!

Head into your nearest About Life fridge, and grab your Lo Bros Kombucha – your belly will love you for it!


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