Organic sisters to organic operators: the story of About Life

About Life started in 1996 as a small juice bar and café with a few shelves of natural groceries, in a 100sqm site on Darling St Rozelle Sydney. Sisters Jodie Stewart and Tammie Phillips had previously held corporate jobs that involved a lot of travel, jet lag, and food choices based on convenience.


Jodie Stewart (left) & Tammie Phillips (right)

As part of their extensive travels, they both lived in Japan for a while and loved the delicious diet over there. This is when they first started to genuinely comprehend the relationship between nutritious food and longevity and quality of life. They also experienced the relatively new idea of the wholefood store and started thinking about how they could take these concepts back to Australia, not just as a cafe but as a whole new way of eating, a genuine alternative to the traditional supermarkets.

The founding principle of About Life has never changed: no food complexity, just simplicity and goodness.  ‘Food as medicine’ remains one of the cornerstone philosophies. Everything that has been built  stems from this core belief and is the guiding principle in all our decisions; from the people we work with to the way we market ourselves. As the business has grown our interests have expanded to encompass a range of environmental and social issues, which is reflected through our product offering, and provides a spot at the table for everyone. 

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2 thoughts on “Organic sisters to organic operators: the story of About Life

  1. Simone says:

    Your story is very inspiring! My husband and I are quite lucky to have one of your stores nearby (we just live in Balmain).

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