Anti Inflammatory Turmeric & Cauliflower Soup Recipe

It’s a great time of year for soups and this recipe from our wellness ambassador, Vladia Cobrdova, is warming, soothing, immune boosting and uses ingredients which are known to be anti-inflammatory.

Place all the below ingredients together in a large pot:

half head of med size cauliflower
1 knob turmeric, with skin
1 knob ginger, with skin
1 large clove garlic
1 tbsp ghee
1 cube veggie stock (or equivalent)
3 cup water
Himalayan  salt
1 can coconut milk – but add this at the end of the cooking process

Cook the above for 45 minutes on a slow heat. Add the coconut milk towards the end and heat slowly so it doesn’t curdle. Blend until smooth and serve with a garnish of fresh coriander, a wedge of lime, chilli flakes or freshly chopped chilli – delicious!

cauli soup 1



About Vladia Cobrdova:

Vladia Cobrdova is the COO and Wellness Ambassador for aboutlife, a Nutritionist and Author. After being involved in the hospitality industry for years at her home in Czechoslovakia, she moved to Australia where she pursued studies in Natural Health & Therapies. She has been working with the Organic Industry for close to 15 years and knows everything there is to know about operations and business management. She’s seen organics & wellness go from alternative to mainstream.

She has combined her love for real food, business and operations to create what she calls her ‘dream job’ as the Chief Operations Officer of aboutlife. She believes aboutlife is a powerful vehicle for reaching thousands of people at once and making an impact on people’s health on a large scale.

Vladia is the Author of the Wholefoods for Wellness cookbook, which features some of your favourite aboutlife dishes that you can cook at home. She also is the co-ordinator of aboutlife’s popular Wholefoods for Wellness classes held monthly at their 5 stores.

Vladia Cobrdova

You can find Vladia at:

and in an aboutlife store near you:


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